We are proud to introduce…the WILD Wes Saloon! 

One day while performing regular summer maintenance on the WestCo site, we found a large clear patch of old straw that was preventing new grass from growing back. After raking out this straw, one intern (Brooke ’18) decided that this would be a great place to incorporate another seating area into the site in addition to the benches that border the front area. WILD Wes (and permaculture) is, in part, about experimentation, and this new area was a great way for us to try our hand at constructing a great new place to help bring students into the courtyard. This is of course a great way to increase student interest and engagement with the site, but it would also show students that traditional landscaping/design is not the only aesthetically and logistically pleasing way to make leisure spaces. In trying to keep as sustainable as possible, we constructed this site out of recycled or donated materials, and in all, this seating area costs us under $10! Currently, the table has been painted completely white, and we are looking for student help in designing it. If you are interested in helping paint/design this tabletop please feel free to contact us! Compensation will of course be rewarded. Finally, come stop by the Saloon and hangout, play a game, and do be sure to read the sign on the outside of it for more information.