WILD Wes Crest.png

Fall 2010/2011

  • Birth of “WILD Wes”
  • Collected of over 800 signatures of support by faculty, students, and staff

Spring 2010/2011

  • Developed designs for over 4 sites on the Wesleyan Campus
  • Proposal made to the Green Building Committee
  • Awarded the West College Courtyard as the first site for a sustainable landscaping initiative on the Wesleyan campus: .75 acres
  • First Annual WILD Wes Sustainable Landscaping Charrette 
  • WILD Wes Benefit Concert at Psi U
  • Awarded $50,600 for the implementation of the ‘WILD WestCo” sustainable landscape design

Summer 2011

  •  Began site work in the WestCo Courtyard; first summer internship
  • Dug 3 swales (water management and infiltration) along the contour of the sit
  • Began sheet mulching the entire site
  • Biochar applied the northern half of the site with the help of Justin Freiberg of Encendia Biochar

Fall/Winter 2011

  • WILD Wes Sustainable Landscape Design Student Forum (E&ES 419)
  • Aided by awesome professional ‘permacultural’ and sustainable landscape designers Ethan Roland, Abrah Dresdale, Ned Phillips-Hones, Sean Walsh
  • Developed a landscape design and implementation plan following the permacultural ethic
  •  Weekly WILD Wes lecture series featuring Wesleyan professors and guest speakers on interdisciplinary topics embedded within the practice of sustainable landscaping
  •  Completion of Sheet mulching: 200 cubic yards of compost, 500 cubic yards of wood chips, hundreds of cardboard boxes salvaged from local dumpsters
  • Official WILD Wes documentary completed

Spring 2012

  • Sustainable Landscape Implementation Lab (E&ES 420)
  • Tree plantings begin in April, first rain garden (Southern garden) is planted
  • Swale re-dug/enforced
  • Rainwater catchment system off of one of the WestCo dorm roofs is put in place with the help of Dean Canalia – and is used successfully!
  • Rye and buckwheat are seeded along borders and along main path
  • Additional pathway added
  • WILD WestCo ceremony takes place on Earth Day, April 22nd, with the ceremonial planting of an American Chestnut tree
  •  Alumni and visitors learned about the site during Reunion and Commencement week event
  • Asphalt snake through the site is removed

Summer 2012:

  • 41 new shrubs are planted. Shrub city.
  •  Second rain garden (northern garden) is completed and planted
  • Asphalt curb at the top of the site is removed

Fall 2012:

  • Acquisition of the second WILD Wes site, “the Summerfields site,” in the Butterfields Courtyard
  • Hugelkultures approved by the Green Building Committee for implementation at the Butterfields Courtyard
  • Water tank at WestCo found broken; seems to have been due to wildlife vandalism (a squirrel, perhaps)
  • Buckwheat seeded in social space at WestCo

Spring 2013:

  • Implementation and planting of hugelkultures in the Butterfields courtyards
  • WILD Wes forum continues: planning the Summerfields site

Summer 2013

  • Granted $53,000 for infrastructural implementation of the stairs and terraces at the Butterfields site
  •  Built stairway without fossil fuels, and surrounded with stone-lined terraces
  • Spent under $4000 total
  • –Plentiful flower and vegetable harvests from the Butterfields hugelkultures

Fall 2013

Continued maintenance of the WestCo and Butterfields sites

Preparation for following semester at the Summerfields site with cardboard, wood chip, and compost amendments

Spring 2014

  • Planning and design of terrace planting
  • (Peach) tree dedication ceremony at WestCo for the retirement of Dave Hall. Thank you for all of the support!
  • $6000 granted by the Green Fund for summer interns (4, one funded through COE), for sites’ maintenance and plantings
  • Seating acquired at the Summerfields patio
  •  Hugelkultur preparation for plantings

Summer 2014

  • Major Summerfields site terrace implementations: soil, compost, and humus added; planted all terraces
  • WestCo social space seating implemented
  • WestCo clean up: weed removal, plants added (among them were fruit trees, milkweed, and ferns)
  • Water tank catchment repaired
  • Updated pathways in the WestCo site; new wood chips on the central pathways, and stepping stone pathways created for organized plant access

Summer 2015

  • Constructed raised bed for root vegetables/things that would otherwise be tasty treats for groundhogs
  • Began construction on stone pathway as a more sustainable solution than wood chips
  • Redesigned compost area/structures

Summer 2016

  • Interns worked with university administration to construct new, official, and informative sign for the WestCo site (still in progress)
  • Completed construction of the bluestone pathway in the WestCo Courtyard
  • Attended heavily to fruit trees as they enter fruit producing maturity
  • Worked on created trodden central pathway as another sustainable solution to wood chips 

Summer 2017

  • Created new seating area (WILD Wes "Saloon") to make courtyard more accessible to visitors
  • Built an herb spiral to further practice permaculture techniques. This also allows us to make use of vertical space 
  • Expanded the compost site and practice new techniques of composting 
  • Re-designed front portion of the courtyard for the purposes of restoring soil 
  • Created new informational signs 
  • Began the removal of Oriental Bittersweet and Multiflora Rosa

Goals for Summer 2018

  • Create a network of permaculture sites for the purposes of collaboration and help on our courtyard
  • Create more paths in the courtyard
  • Create signs for trees
  • Create new seating areas 
  • Create new tree guilds
  • Continue courtyard re-design